Wbeast-trailer-splashhat happens when the wildest parts of your imagination take control? Yearning for escape from her daily life, Ellie creates a new world inside her own imagination. This world is vivid, colourful and bewitching, based on the comic books she loved as a child. But as the barriers between her two worlds begin to blur, Ellie must finally face the truth behind her fantasies.

I AM BEAST tells the story of a teenage girl called Ellie, her father and a mysterious wild stranger, known as Beast. After Ellie loses her mother, her world falls apart. She seeks solace in the comic books she has loved since before she can remember. Drawn to their flickering pages of colour and adventure, Ellie recreates herself, as Blaze: a vigilante superhero in, protector of her beloved Paradise City. This is a world of seductive strangers and endless possibility. A world away from her father and her frismall_logo3-1ends; somewhere she can be a hero!  And somewhere she gets to decide who lives or dies.

Then one day Beast appears. Beast is different and he changes everything. Soon, as both her fantasy life and her real life at home and school begin to fall apart, the walls between her two worlds begin to crumble and Ellie no longer knows what is real. Will anyone save her before it is too late? Can anyone save her? Or is it up to Ellie to save herself? The story is told through, puppetry, physical theatre, UV effects and a live electronic soundtrack.